~Each team consists of no more than 4 players on the court at one time
~Teams will have an allotted amount of time to play 1 match (3 games – NOT Best of 3).
~All games will be played using All-Rally Scoring Rules. There are no sideouts and matches consist of 3 games to 21. Team must win by 2 and there is a cap at 23 points.

• Each game will start with rock, paper, scissors. The winning team will have one of two options, choose to serve first or choose which side they prefer to play on, (not both).
• Each match will consist of three games. Each game will count in the overall standings for regular season standings.

• Matches will be played within the allotted time, (warm up must be concluded before game time).
• All games are played to 21 win by 2 or first to 23.
• One time-out per game, per team is allowed.
• Rally/speed scoring will be enforced.
• In Playoffs, games will be played as the best 2 out of 3 to 21 win by 2 or first to 23. One time-out per game is allowed.

• A full team consists of 4 players. A team may decide to play with a minimum of 2 players (1 male, 1 female). If you do not meet the minimum requirements, the first game will be forfeited 10 minutes after the start time. Entire Match will be forfeited at 15 minutes after start time. Free substitution throughout the game. Teams may pick up one sub (or more if opposing team agrees) from another team during the regular season to field a full team.
*Pick up players will not be allowed during playoffs.*

You may not play unless officially added to the roster. To add someone to the roster you must contact the VAVi office within 48 hours of game day . No last minute subs are accepted. Please see VAVi Sports League Policies on our rules page for more information on substitutions.

Any protest made during a game or after a game will NOT be considered a formal protest. A formal protest may be filed before the game if an opposing player’s eligibility is in question. The player in question will be required to provide his player information (name, address, phone #) in writing to a VSSC staff member prior to the start of the game. This qualifies as an official protest. The VSSC staff member will then check the roster submitted before the league started and if the player in question is not on the roster, then the game will be played, but as a forfeit.

If the ball hits the roof or anything hanging from the roof it is still in play. If it hits the wall it is out of play.

1. A legal serve in VAVi play is one that crosses the net and is either touched by an opposing player or lands within the opposing team’s area of the court within the boundary lines. Aserve that makes contact with the net and carries over to the opponent’s side of the net is alive serve and must be returned.
2. Setting the serve is legal as long as the ball is not caught or carried.
3. The server may not step on or over the end line until the ball has been contacted. The width of the service area is from sideline to sideline. The depth of the service area is infinite.
4. There are no male/female hitting rules.
5. A defensive block does not count as one of the allowable contacts. A player may reach over the net to block a ball if:
a. Any portion of the ball breaks the plane of the net.
b. After the offense has come in contact with the ball on
the third attempt.
6. The serve may not be blocked or spiked. Players can return the serve by:
a. Bump pass
b. Clasping their hands together
c. A closed fist
7. No part of the body may touch the net at any time unless a ball or person driven into the net causes the contact. Player contact with the net in a manner not directly relating to or affecting the course of play is not a violation. Contact with hair or part of the uniform will not be considered a fault.
8. Contact of the ball when spiking is legal only if a portion of the ball is in contact with the plane of the net or on the spiker’s side of the net. Spikers may follow through over the net after legal contact.
9. Out of bounds is the area outside the designated court line, (some facilities may also have“antennas” attached to the net, at these facilities the “antennas” will be considered out of bounds as well). The line is in bounds.
10. A player may touch but not completely cross over the centerline with his/her foot.
11. The ball can contact any number of body parts down to, and including the foot.
▪ USA VOLLEYBALL rules apply unless stated otherwise.

The top 4 teams will advance to the single elimination tournament the final week. Rankings will be based on overall regular season game results (out of all 21 games). **Please note that the Team Rankings page uses the Matches to determine the Rankings, please disregard this site and go by the total games won and loss to determine rankings.** Tournament Games will be played Best out of 3 games with the same scoring during the regular season. If time and availability permits, we may take more than 4 teams to the tournament. Occasionally, during the season, a team may be scheduled more than the regular number of matches due to an odd number of teams in the league. In this case, that team’s total wins and losses will be multiplied by the number of matches they were scheduled and then divided by the number of matches they were supposed to play to determine their ranking in the Playoff Tournament. If a tie exists then the following criteria will be followed to break the tie:

~Head to Head Matchup
~If the teams did not play each other or have an equal record against each other, then we will decide by Coin toss (or possibly a Play-In Game if time permits)

All other playoff scenarios that occur will be treated on a case-by-case basis by the Sports Director Wendy at

ALL GAMES WILL BE SELF-REFFED. There will be no obligation on the part of any participants or the on site staff to referee the games, however, the on site staff will be made available to help interpret rules or if there are any discrepancies between the two teams that need to be addressed. Captains are responsible for recording the results of their game. Our staff will provide constant reminders with regards to this process. To coordinate and run the league, our refs and/or staff will be available at all times to help the league run as smoothly as possible. If you have questions regarding schedules, policies, rule interpretations, etc. please ask.

The idea of VAVi is to have fun. We hope that all participants keep that in mind when becoming involved. Although the games may become intense, you still can be competitive while maintaining good sportsmanship. With this said, any behavior deemed unacceptable by staff may result in suspension and/or ejection from a game or the league. Abuse of staff will not be tolerated. VAVi reserves the right to remove a player from a game or a league if they are considered to be bringing down the quality of the league. VAVi will not tolerate fighting! Fighting will be an automatic ejection from any game and in most cases ejection from the league for the remainder of the season.

**All rules are subject to change: Last Updated Feb 2020**

For more information about our Beach Volleyball leagues contact Wendy at


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