We are looking for someone to be committed to a 3 month plus intern. Must have basic writing skills, computer skills, positive attitude, like sports, have a social network, interested in producing special events, interested in promotions and marketing.

You will gain valuable experience working directly with both the VAVi Sports and Marketing Teams. You will conduct research, assist with facility visits, support promotions/marketing team, plus help manage critical projects for the company. All interns will work with an employee mentor to help guide them in their internship. Our goal is for all interns to leave with a better understanding of not only our business but of what the intern’s passions are for future careers.



VAVi Sports and Events is searching for applicants in the sales and marketing field to train with the marketing team in a number of different manners, including the following: analyzing existing data and making recommendations to the team on optimization, calling potential local marketing partners in various cities to negotiate and coordinate email campaigns, listing events, assisting with creative conceptions and social media, copy editing, and overall internet, digital and email marketing skills.

Desired Skills:

  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Professional experience with social media marketing
  • Knowledge of local and national sports news a plus
  • Drive to succeed in booking new partners and negotiating marketing services
  • Attention to detail in executing campaigns and solid editing and creative skills
  • Flexible schedule – minimum availability is 18-20 hours per week
  • Experience with internet marketing, such as AdWords and retargeting
  • Experience with tracking website activity with Google Analytics
  • Experience with “cost per acquisition” and analyzing and understanding how data should drive marketing decisions
  • Project an active and social lifestyle
  • Maintain professional conduct at all times


VAVi Sport & Social is searching for applicants in the graphic design / communications / marketing field that has some knowledge of and interest in the technical aspects of marketing – graphic design, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, editing html and email marketing clients – to name a few.

The Sports & Events Graphic Design Intern will be assisting the marketing department in the following manners (among others): editing email templates for different partners, editing html files, photo editing, designing marketing creatives, reporting, coming up with creative campaigns for the company, and creating social media campaigns and posts.



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