Felix Goodson

Vice President
Felix Goodson has a passion for producing parties, large-scale events and organizing fun. At VAVi he is taking that passion for events and using it to maximize the customer experience for every sports program we offer. Of course he still has a hand in our social events as well.
Keith has a deep love for sports & all aspects of marketing. He’s had much experience spanning from living in NYC to work with HBO and being a Tour Manager for MTV. Keith was previously the Marketing Director at the leading promotion company in San Diego before taking over as the Marketing Director at VAVi.

Dave Draizen

Sports Operations Manager
This former firefighter, Xerox salesman and Super Mario impersonator began a career with VAVi sports as a referee but has moved on to League Communications Manager and now Sports Operations Manager where he monitors your happiness.

Jamie Satchell

Corporate Wellness & Sponsorship

Jamie works as VAVi’s Corporate Wellness and Sponsorship Manager. You are most likely to find him coordinating the health, wellness and fun for the employees of San Diego’s healthiest companies. If you see him out, make sure you stop and say hi.

Jenna Long

Marketing Manager

Jenna started marketing for VAVi in 2013 for ROC Race’s nationwide and then international tours, but she’s been playing in VAVi sports leagues since moving west from New Jersey in 2005. Jenna now enjoys managing the marketing for all sports and San Diego events. You can meet her in person on the dodgeball court (and at our PB sponsor bars) every Wednesday night!

Ducote Contreras

League Communication & Sports Coordinator
The only things more interesting than his name are the teams he has alliances to. Growing up in San Diego, one would expect him to be a strong SD advocate; but he’s a die-hard SF Giants and Niners fan, not to mention Michigan blue. Ducote handles rosters, makes sure schedules are perfect and sends out everything you need to know about your upcoming VAVi league!

Dave Cuttell

Sports League Coordinator
As the Sports League Coordinator, Dave is responsible for making sure our leagues run smoothly – you might see him driving around town in the VAVi van getting equipment and league prizes out to fields. He is known as one of the VAVi “splash brothers”, a name earned by (attempting) to make it rain in our basketball leagues. When he’s not playing sports he is cheering on one of his favorite pro teams (the LA Dodgers and KC Chiefs) or crushing California burritos.

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