VAVi Beach Volleyball is played under the guidelines of US Volleyball with the following exceptions:

Each week each team will play 2 matches (3 games per match) against 2 different teams.
*For Mission Beach leagues, there is 1 match per night (3 games to 25).

Full Team
A full team consists of 4 players. Two females and two males on the court is preferred, but three of one gender is acceptable. A team may decide to play with a minimum of two players if you do not have a full team ready to play at start time, but one of those two players must be a female. Game time is forfeit time.

Free substitutions on a rotational basis.

Please remove all jewelry.

Matches are best of 3 games to 21 points using rally scoring. The third game is played to 21 using rally scoring. Win by 2 rule! It is the responsibility of the receiving side to make a judgment on the point. In the third game, teams switch sides whenever a team scores 10 points (not a combination of 10 points, but when only one team gets 10 points).

*For Mission Beach leagues each game is played to 25 using rally scoring, win by 2 (switch at 12, if nec).

Receiving the Serve
It is illegal to receive a serve with open hands.

Start of Games (Regular Season)
First serve will be decided by rock, paper, scissors or coin toss. The receiving team will serve the second game. Repeat the first game step for the third game.

Sportsmanship must be practiced at all times. Directors and representatives of VAVi reserve the right to remove any player from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct. If a call cannot be decided on it will result in a redo.

You may not play unless officially added to the roster. To add someone to the roster you must contact the VAVi office the previous week. No last minute subs are accepted.

2 per game, 45 seconds each.

Pool Play (Playoffs)
Pool style play in which each team will be able to advance through the bracket if they win their pools. Each pool match will consist of one game of rally scoring to 21, win by 2. The Semifinal and Championship matches will consist of two games using rally scoring to 21 (win by 2) with a third game, if needed, to 17 (switch sides when one team gets 8 points) as in the regular season matches. The pool play bracket will be set up for you when you arrive at the courts. If there are ties in pool play, winners will be decided by previous head to head matchups first. Next, there will be a count of the point differential (+ vs -) from the total points accumulated during the whole day of the pool play to determine the team who will be rewarded to continue play.

Directors and VAVi Representatives reserve the right to amend any and all of these rules, if necessary, for safe and fair play.

**All rules are subject to change: Last Updated Feb 2020**

For more information about our Beach Volleyball leagues contact Ducote at


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