1. Players: 3 men and 2 women or *3 women and 2 men *See “Players” below for detailed rules
2. Equipment: Men’s regulation ball
3. Timing: Two 20 minute running halves
4. Coed Guidelines: Men guard Men, Women guard Women
5. Coed Rule: Men may not block a women’s shot attempt
6. Coed Rule: Women’s 3 point shot is worth 4 points
7. No Dunking

VAVi Coed Basketball follows the guidelines of NCAA Men’s Basketball with these exceptions:

1. All players must wear their team issued VAVi jersey

2. Illegal equipment includes the following:

All jewelry (ie: barrettes, rings, string bracelets, rubber bands, eye rings, etc.)

A guard, cast or brace made of hard and unyielding leather, plaster, pliable (soft)
plastic, metal or any other hard substance – even though covered with soft padding when worn on the elbow, hand, finger, wrist or forearm.

1. 3 men and 2 women, or 3 women and 2 men may play on the court. If 3 women are chosen to play at one time then the 3rd woman must be designated by a different color shirt (provided by the team). This woman may have her shot blocked legally.

2. Teams must have at least 4 players present to start a game (2 women, 2 men OR 3 women, 1 man OR 3 men, 1 woman). If at least four players are not present at the scheduled game time, a forfeit will be declared.

3. A speaking captain shall be designated for each team. He or she alone may approach the officials with questions. Individuals designated as coaches will be considered team players.

1. The game will consist of two 20-minute halves, with three minutes between halves. The clock will run continuously throughout the game until the last minute of each half.

2.During the last minute of each half, the clock will stop during all dead balls.

3.Game time is forfeit time!!

4. Each team will be allowed (2) time-outs per half. A timeout is 30 seconds and the clock will stop for those 30 seconds.

5. Overtimes will be one minute in length and the clock will stop during all dead balls. Only one time-out is allowed per team per overtime period. Time-outs not used during regulation play CANNOT be used in overtime periods.

Coed Guidelines
1. This league is intended to be a social league where men and women have equal opportunity to play competitive basketball.

2. Because of height, speed, and quickness advantages men are encouraged to guard men and women are encouraged to guard women.

3. Good sportsmanship is required. Arguing with officials or other players is prohibited and may result in a technical foul.

Coed Rules
1. Men may not block a women’s shot attempt. Any contact with the ball on a shot attempt will be considered a goaltending violation. Two points will be awarded for all 2 point attempts and 4 points will be awarded for all attempts behind the 3 point line. Simply raising your arms does not count as a blocked shot and the defender must make contact on the ball. **This rule is not in effect if a team plays with 3 women on the court. The 3rd woman must be designated with a different color shirt than both teams (provided by the player) and may have her shot blocked legally.

2. Women receive 4 points for a successful three-point attempt.

1. NCAA rules will be in affect unless otherwise sated

2. Bonus One-on-One free throws will be awarded on the 7th team foul

3. Two free throws will be awarded on the 10th team foul

4. Men may not block a women’s shot attempt

Free Throws
1. Players may enter the lane as soon as the shooter releases the ball

2. Shooter must remain behind the line until the ball contacts the rim or backboard

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DUNKING. Dunking is a technical foul.


Player disqualification results from:
1. Accumulating 5 personal fouls (technical fouls count as personal fouls)
2. Two technical fouls (1 game suspension)
3. 1 flagrant or excessive foul (1 game suspension)
4. A player who is removed from the game may face stronger penalties depending
on the severity of the incident

Team disqualification results from:
1. Four technical fouls accumulated by players or team in a single game
(Team may be eliminated from postseason tournament play)
2. A game stopped by the official for misconduct.

Fan Behavior
Team Captains are responsible for fans. A technical foul will be assessed to the team captain/bench if fans are acting in an unsportsmanlike manner.

Only roster players may play on a team. Absolutely no last minute substitutions are allowed. To add a player to the roster you must contact the VAVi office at least 24 hours before game time.

Tournament Rules
The top 4 teams advance to the tournament. The standings will be determined by record. If there is a tie, the previous head-to-head match up will break the tie. If a tie persists, total points scored minus total points scored against throughout the season will break the tie. If no clear winner is established a flip of the coin will establish the winner. Please note that forfeits count as 11 points against the forfeiting team in the case of a tie in playoff rankings.

In case there is a three-way tie between teams, the following tiebreaker system will be used:
~ Head-to-head matchup
~ If the winner of the head-to-head matchup can’t be determined (ie. 2 teams played each other twice or each team has a 1-1 record), then the head-to-head point differential will be used and compared for the tied teams. (ie. Average Points scored minus average points scored against). Whoever has the highest average point differential will take the higher playoff seed.
**Average point differential will be used when two tied teams in the three-way tie played each other twice. If Team A and Team B played each other twice and Team C only played them once, we will use the average score for Team A and Team B’s two games. To determine this, we will add up the points scored for both teams in both games and subtract points scored against. This number will then be divided by 2 to determine the average.
~ Overall season point differential (Overall season points scored minus overall points scored against)
~ In the case that a tie still persists, a coin flip will determine the winner.

Rules Policy
The VAVi Sports Director has final say over any appeal of the rules and has the ability to make decisions on any rule that is not covered in these rules.

For more information about our Basketball leagues please contact Michael at

**All rules are subject to change: Last Updated Feb 2020**


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