VAVi 4Sum Beach Volleyball Tournament!

The VAVi 4Sum Beach Volleyball Tournament is returning to PB Beachfest for the fourth annual event! Each year has sold out so make sure to get your team registered right away! 



Two divisions both coed; Social and Intermediate - We want to keep this level appropriate so all teams have a chance at winning!

Social is for beginners or those who have little to no tournament experience and just want to have fun. 

Intermediate is for experienced players who are in it to win it!

This is a coed tournament so there is a minimum of one of each gender. Acceptable rotations - 3 males 1 female; 2 males 2 females; 3 females 1 male

Must register as a team, no individual sign ups.

Team fee covers a roster of 4 players ($49 for each additional player)

Costumes encouraged! Prize for most creative costume. 

Challenges are in Play
Losing team may challenge for points off the winning team's score. If the winning team accepts then they will create the challenge for the losing team to complete. If the losing team completes the challenge, points are deducted from winning team's score and the game continues. There is only one challenge per game and no challenges in the single elimination round.
EX: Team must spin in a circle 10 times and immediately begin play - 3pts
Players must complete game hitting with their non-dominant hand - 3pts
Create your own challenge!...please abide by the City of San Diego laws.



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