The idea of VAVi is to have fun. We hope that all participants keep that in mind when becoming involved. Although the games may become intense, you still can be competitive while maintaining good sportsmanship. With this said, any behavior deemed unacceptable by staff may result in suspension and/or ejection from a game or the league. Abuse of staff will not be tolerated. VAVi reserves the right to remove a player from a game or a league if they are considered to be bringing down the quality of the league. VAVi will not tolerate fighting! Fighting will be an automatic ejection from any game and in most cases ejection from the league for the remainder of the season. If you feel that someone on your team or on another team is not practicing good sportsmanship, please let us know. You may email or call 858-273-3485 ext 10. 


We make all final decisions about weather 2 hours before game time.

Please check our weather line 858-220-8328 throughout the day and/or our social media pages as we will update people through there and by email. If there is no message concerning weather cancellations you can assume there have been no cancellations up to that point. Although weather may not be a factor the day of, adverse weather from previous days may still affect the field. In this case, please call to verify whether or not cancellations have been made.

At certain times, the city will shut down the fields for varying reasons despite weather conditions we would normally play in. These decisions are out of our control and we must abide by the city’s decision.

Also be aware, if we do rain out a game we will make up that week later in the season. If we have more than 2 rain outs during the season, we will do our best to make those games up, but cannot guarantee more than 2 made up rain outs.


As stated when you are signing up for leagues. T-Shirt color is NOT guaranteed. T-Shirt colors are based on what our supplier has available in stock. The color choice is also based on the colors available in your league. VAVi will make its best effort to accommodate shirt selections, but please be aware that we cannot guarantee your color you selected.

VAVi DOES NOT have additional t-shirts on hand. VAVi offers all players the chance to receive a replacement shirt when they had not received their league t-shirt.


By registering for a league with us you are agreeing to the following refund policies:

Refunds are not available for any non-virtual leagues, social events, practices, parties subscriptions products or outings. League rosters have limited space and last minute player cancellations hinder our ability to properly plan and organize our seasons.

Refunds are not available for any e-game/virtual event, including but not limited to, Trivia, Bingo, Game Show, Mario Kart or FIFA/Madden Tournaments. If an event is cancelled or postponed, you will be issued credits or receive the option to move to an alternate event of similar nature.

If a league (NOT including e-games or virtual) is cancelled due to lack of player registration or venue issues, players will be provided with alternate leagues to play instead. If you are unable to play in an alternate league, you will have the option for a full refund. However, if you fail to respond to the league cancellation email by the indicated deadline, you forfeit your refund and your registration fee will be converted into a league credit. This policy does not apply to leagues cancelled due to Covid-19 (see below).

Any league(s) cancelled due to issues or complications related to Covid-19 will result in players being eligible to receive a prorated credit for any cancelled dates. No refunds will be issued in this situation.

In some cases, we may need to delay the start of the league. This may be due to teams needing more time to complete their rosters, venues having schedule conflicts and other various reasons. We reserve the right to delay the start of a league, and will incorporate all planned games into the revised schedule to the best of our ability. Delayed start dates for the league are not grounds for a refund.

A player’s or team’s decision not to participate in a league they have registered for is not grounds for a refund.

  • If players or teams choose not to participate, we will issue a full site credit up to 2 weeks before the registration deadline date.
  • If it is within 2 weeks of the registration deadline – Partial credit will be issued on a case by case basis

All site credits must be used within 1 year of receiving the site credit.

Refunds are not given if a player moves, change in work schedule, or any other non-league related changes. Participation in adult sports, even at the recreational level, may result in injury. VAVi does not refund players’ fees if they are injured.

We always do our best to play all scheduled games in a season. If games have to be postponed due to weather, facility issues, or any other reason, we will do our best to make the games up at the end of the season at the same location. In some cases the game location may be changed in order to make the games up. In the rare case we are unable to make-up postponed games, players will receive a prorated credit for those games.

Games will be made up in the best possible form which may include, but not be limited to, multiple games in one night or games held on a non-league night of the week. Refunds will not be issued if a player is unable to attend the scheduled make up game.

Refunds are not available for Volo Pass subscriptions. Volo Pass subscriptions are charged monthly on the day of the month of the initial registration. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time and a player’s subscription will be valid until the expiration date of their subscription (date when next month’s payment would have been due).

All requests must be submitted in writing to


Our forfeit policy is designed with the players in mind and to keep teams accountable. The intention is to help us cut down on last-minute forfeits and make the leagues fun for everyone.

Teams must provide the league 24 hours notice prior to its scheduled game that week. This helps us to make changes to the schedule, give proper notice and make sure the staff at the league is prepared for your team to be absent.

If your team forfeits two or more times during any given season then your team will be omitted from the playoffs and not allowed to participate.

To avoid the forfeit penalty you can do the following

  • Your team can bring subs to avoid a forfeit during the regular season (not for playoffs)
  • Play with fewer people than normal, just make sure you meet your specific sport gender requirements.


All players MUST register for the team, despite a captain pre-paying for a team. All players must be registered and on the roster in order to be in compliance with local regulations, to sign an online waiver, pick out shirt size, and receive league updates. 

At this time subs are not allowed due to COVID-19.


We understand that, despite your best efforts, registered members may not be able to attend every game. We allow teams to bring substitute players for any of our leagues. If your team is low on players one week, you may invite players from another team within your league to join you for the week; nobody likes a forfeit. There are no substitutions during playoffs. Any team that plays with substitutes during playoffs may receive a forfeit for the game. Hosts may spot check rosters at any time.

COVID Update: During COVID-19, substitutions will not be allowed unless the player is registered in your league. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have to be able to keep track of the total numbers of players on the field, and every participant must have completed the required waivers to play at each location (per local guidelines).


Alcohol Policy

Drinking alcohol before or during the game is strictly prohibited. If the umpire or director believes a player has consumed alcohol they reserve the right to remove them from the game. Drinking alcohol at VAVi Sporting events is PROHIBITED. If any team is caught drinking alcohol during their game on park property, the referee has the right to forfeit the game to the other team. The same rule applies to spectators. If a spectator is caught with alcohol, they will be asked to leave. If they refuse, the referee or umpire has the right to forfeit the game to the opposing team.

Smoking Policy

The City of San Diego has passed a ban on smoking at all city parks and beaches. Please make sure your team is aware of this policy. If any team is caught smoking during their game on park property, the referee has the right to forfeit the game to the other team.

Fighting Policy

Fighting is not allowed at any VAVi Sport & Social Club event and/or league and will not be tolerated. This constitutes any violent or malicious action or attempted action by one or more participants including retaliatory acts. Persons/teams involved are subject to immediate removal from the league and possible further action by VAVi Staff. Refunds will not be granted to players expelled from the league.

VAVi has the final say on any disputes and will treat each situation in the fairest and most logical way. Please email if you have any questions about these policies. 


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