Team Queso Dippers inspires us with not only a major craving for chips and queso, but ALSO a few words of wisdom:

“At the end of the day, nothing else matters as long as you dip that chip. DIP THAT CHIP. Everything else in life goes away and you can be happy and joyous.

Meet Robb Field’s “Queso Dippers” – Playing Softball Tuesdays

If there’s anyone who knows how to bring the party to Tuesday nights, it’s Team Queso Dippers. This team decided switch things up and take business out of the office and onto the softball field. This is their third season playing softball and each season they always make it a point to have a fun on the field with each other, opposing teams, and even the umpire!

At the start of each game, they get pumped up by engaging in an intense pre-game circle where 10 people join together and chant “dip” over and over again!

Queso Dippers: we salute you!


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