Some call them The Rockford Peaches, others call them VAVi’s UNDEFEATED SOFTBALL CHAMPIONS.

The Rockford Peaches are no strangers to VAVi and have played at a several locations throughout the leagues. After 5 seasons, this team displays an undeniable connection, leading them to a PERFECT season with 9 wins and 0 losses! Being competitive and getting the job done is important, but having fun is their priority – making them our Team of the Week !

Over the seasons, this team has turned into a family, earned a champ trophy, and gained TWO team mascots to keep the dugout lively. With a cute pup named Berkeley and a crazy fan named Mady- there is never a dull (or quiet) moment on their sidelines!

“Some of the best memories we have come with pain… The first one includes one of our players hitting our own pitcher, which caused him to have a softball size bump on his shin! Another one was when one of our players rounded 2nd and fell trying to get back quickly, but instead got knocked out by the RF.”

– They make for good stories now though… Right!?

Last but not least, going undefeated ALL season and winning the entire league, it’s hard to not claim that one as a favorite memory. “It was nice to see our team grow and develop together to finally win the entire season.”

This team has earned their bragging rights and we can’t wait to see them come out hungry again next season!

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