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San Diego Basketball Leagues
San Diego Baksetball Leagues
San Diego Basketball Leagues

What league do you play in?

Men’s 5v5 Basketball: Mondays at Nobel Rec Center from 6pm-9pm

How did you decide who would be on the team?

Our company had a team back during the fall basketball season, everyone enjoyed the competition so we decided to sign up again. We had a few returning players but asked around the office to see if anyone new wanted to play.

What is your favorite part about playing together?

Getting to know my co-workers outside of the work atmosphere. Putting work aside and enjoying the game of basketball with my friends.

What is your teams most memorable VAVi moment?

Our first win of the season. We lost our first game after jumping out to a 19-3 lead, so getting that first win showed that we improved from the previous week. It definitely brought up the team morale.

How does playing on a team affect your relationships at work?

It gives us a common ground outside of just being co-workers. On Monday’s we are able to talk about what we want to do during the game (offensively/defensively). On Tuesdays we are able to reflect on the game and what we did great/need to improve on. This communication helps us get our mind of work for a couple minutes a day.

Would you recommend other companies play in a sports league with VAVi?

Definitely – it is nice to get compete with your colleagues

How is your team doing in the league?

We are doing solid. I believe we are 2-2. Had a couple bad losses but overall I think every week we are getting better!

Recap written by Leo Romero

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