San Diego Softball Leagues
San Diego Softball Leagues
San Diego Softball Leagues

Story written by Torin Blackford:

Our first VAVi League as a team was last season and we lost to a very good team in the Championship. A lot of us are old friends who met at San Diego State, but we also have a some outside friends and a free agent who joined us this season who has fit right in!

We’ve never won any bobbleheads,  but we sure would love to!

Before every game, we like to play the National Anthem out loud across the field while our American Flag hangs in the dugout. As this has become a weekly team tradition, we’ve noticed that every team we play honorably takes their cap off and listens, and our umpire will even hold to start the game until the National Anthem is finished. We think it brings everyone together to support USA and America’s favorite game!

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