Ever find yourself wondering, “Where is all my money going?” The answer is food, alcohol, and transportation. The costs of going out can add up quickly, luckily going out doesn’t have to be expensive. Follow these simple steps and you will find yourself saving over $100 in just one day.

Step 1:

Head over to to check out full details and get your ticket now. Limited quantity available for regular pricing so get yours now before last call!

Step 2:

Purchase your exclusive VIP package, plus get an ADDITIONAL TICKET to return to The Track any time after Opening Day. Yes, you heard right, so you don’t get one but two tickets to The Races in case you can’t get enough of the horses and want to come back for more.

Step 3:

Enjoy free drinks with good music and AC on your way to the track. Arrive in style with no line and get the VIP treatment in The Party area. Don’t forget about your Pre-Party at PB Backyard, East Village Tavern + Bowl, or Union Kitchen & Tap!

Don’t stress, enjoy going out with good drink specials and friends. Drink the drink while spending responsibly. Your bank account will thank you later(:

Break up the monotony of the week by attending the Del Mar Opening Day Races! Bond over conversations with new people while you enjoy a refreshing drink (or four). This is your chance to dress up during the week and treat yourself to a day of fun. Don’t miss out on a lifetime of memories that can be made on this fabulous and fun day. Stay tuned for next week’s post for extensive details on the Pre-Party Bars!

In case you’re wondering where your value is, here’s a break down of how much your VAVi-less Del Mar Opening Day would cost you…
– 1 Bloody Mary (we all know you’re not going to want just one) – $10
– Uber to the race track and back from Backyard (doesn’t include surcharge) – $20.63 x2
– Ticket to the race – $15
– Ticket to the VIP entrance – $35
– Ticket to the Race – $20


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