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Back That Pass Up: Back to Back Champs!
Written by Jayraan Badiee

Team Back That Pass Up is a team several years in the making. Most of us got our VAVi Flag Football starts playing against each other on Saturdays and Sundays. After building friendly rivalries for a few seasons, we wised up and joined forces. The result? A dream team that feels like family.


Every single one of us brings something unique to the team. We win together and we lose together (but mostly win :P), and most importantly we always have fun.
This championship season was one for the highlight reels. A long pass play here (and there…and everywhere), some crazy interceptions there, with a few goal-line stands, a couple of game-winning drives, clutch touchdowns, and lots of deft flag-pulls sprinkled in. We faced tough competition in the playoffs, but we encouraged each other and dug deep to come away with two incredibly satisfying team victories and our second Tuesday night championship in a row.


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