Written by Lou of Child Please:

Team Background

Child Please was originally the first flag football team Lou Zolina ever created and played for. He thought the name was pretty funny because of the subliminal message and it’s kind of an ode to NFL wide receiver, Chad Johnson.

Through working at Millennium Health, Lou met Sebastian, Brienne, Rodney, and Edilynne. They actually came together with a work driven team for VAVi. Stephen, Long and Huy have played over 5+ years together in flag football in other various leagues, winning over 40+ championships. Vivi was once recruited by Huy and the chemistry was too good that they never wanted to leave each other. Vivian is actually the cousin of Huy and Maressa is a mutual friend between everyone. Lou and Stephen met through Stephen’s significant other, who happens to be Lou’s friend, and actually formed a team with all the guys for a different league. This is actually the first season where both genders are competing together.

Game Notes

Child Please started off on the offensive side of things, the first pass was to Stephen Huynh. The next pass was a strike outside to Vivi Sayaseng, who caught it for 10 yards then proceeded to spin his way out of the first initial flag puller, then use his hips just like he does at the 24 hour Zumba Class down at Imperial making two defensive players miss, while finally spinning the last defender and pitching it across Stephen Huynh for more yards. 3 plays later, Lou and Vivi connect for a 25 yard touchdown score. All while capping it to Long Tran-Do on a 2 point conversion, 8-0.

The defense started off really well where B.A.R.K.A.D.A actually went for it on fourth down and 5 inside their own 20. They got the first and advanced down field to score with the extra point no good, 8-6. The next drive was questionable, on a fourth down and no call where there was clearly grabbing of the shorts. B.A.R.K.A.D.A had momentum and scored on the drive with a 1 handed grabbed by Macy from B.A.R.K.A.D.A., 8-12.

Something sparked inside of the team, Lou and Vivi connected on the second pass of the drive where it is clearly again the Zumba classes are paying for Vivi, we like to say is hips don’t lie. 3 passes later, another touchdown to Vivi, 14-12. Second half of the game started and the defense was definitely awoken, the defense primarily consisting of Long, Vivi, Sebastian, Stephen, Brienne, Vivian, and Maressa held B.A.R.K.A.D.A to 0 points.

Sebastian had an interception and an offensive td to set up the go ahead points. Lou and Vivi connected for another 2 touchdowns, completing the night with 4 touchdowns. It may look like it was the Vivi Sayaseng show that night, but everyone on offense contributed with clutch catches.

The final score was 33-12!

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